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 Danis Agency
Everything Must Go (starring Will Ferrell) Nick's Mom Temple Hill Ent / Dir. Dan Rush
The Bluewater Tale Starring Nicholas Ramirez
Small Happy’s Starring Rock Solid Productions / Dir. Lee Quarrie
Weekend (2010 Sedona Int’l Film Fest Off’l Selection) Supporting Rock Solid Productions / Dir. Lee Quarrie
The Line Up (Winner Best Actress) Starring Rock Solid Productions/ Dir. Lee Quarrie
The Infected (Winner Best Ensemble Acting) Starring DNA Films / Dir. Brenton Covington
Cocktail Wizard (2010 Phx Film Fest Off’l Selection) Starring DDough Prods. / Dir. Bruce Dellis
20% Off (2010 Sedona Film Fest Off’l Selection) Supporting Looby Lou Life Prods. / Dir. Chris Redish
Jolene (Starring Jessica Chastain) Supporting Intandem Films / Next Turn Prod./Dir. Dan Ireland
The Fuseman Starring Matter of Chance Prods. / Dir. Brock H. Brown
Got Milk? Supporting Looby Lou Life Prods. / Dir. Chris Redish
Michael’s Hearing Problem (Winner Best Ensemble) Supporting Brothers Ink. Prod. /Dir. Bruce Dellis
From a Place of Darkness Supporting 110 In the Shade / Dir. Douglas A. Raine
Bitter Spirits (Winner Best Film-4 Seasons Challenge) Starring Brothers Ink. Prod. /Dir. Adam & Donovan Montierth
John Phillip Sousa Get’s a Haircut (Winner Best Actress) Starring Budget Extremely Ltd./Dir. Bruce Dellis
Daddy (Winner Best Actress A3F film challenge) Starring D.I.B Pics./Dir. Bivas Biswas
The Blacksmith and the Carpenter(Winner Palm Springs) Supporting Kodak Film Project / Dir. Chris Redish
Daisy Starring Mankind Pictures / Dir. Matthew James
Distorted Reality Starring Dynamic Films & Never Average / Dir. Brenton Covington
Crossing the Line Starring Skinny Brit Prods. / Dir, Chris Redish
Decaffeinated Starring Dynamic Films & Never Average / Dir. Austin Nordell
Flower Girl (Winner Best Film of Phoenix) Starring Inkie Studios / 2005 challenge
Diablita Supporting Volare Films / Marco Santiago
Kisses Mitzi (Top 3 Audience Award win) Starring A3F 48hr Film Challenge / Dir. Mike Pallagi
Street 16 Supporting Jack Tucker, Trea Patrick
21 Grams (starring Naomi Watts, Sean Penn) Supporting Focus Features / Dir. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Scarecrow Gone Wild Supporting York Ent., Urban Girl Prods./ Dir. Brian Katkin
No One Touches Me Starring Skinny Brit Prods. / Dir, Chris Redish
Witness Supporting Late Deposit Prods. / Dir. Monika Mitchell
Glow Supporting Two Wishes Prods. / Dir. Heather Magee
Drive In Supporting RiverDance Prods. / Dir. Charles DeBus
The Ghost of Miller Road Starring USC/ Dir. Ryan Engle
Cops and Robbers Dance the Same Starring Empty Chair Prods. / Dir. Claudio Nico Bonoli
Anoosh of the Airways Supporting Sugar Shack Prods. / Dir. James Westby
AZDOT – Modern Roundabout Spokesperson Chili Pepper Prods./Randy Murray Prods.
Screen Wars Guest-Star (5 episodes) IFP Phoenix
Screen Wars Co-Host (2 episodes) IFP Phoenix
Rusty’s Garage (Pilot) Starring RG Studios / Dir. John Vasseur
Arrest & Trial Guest-Star Studios USA / Dir. Jerry Massimei
The Diary of Anne Frank Anne (Understudy) West Coast Ensemble
Pizza Man Alice (Lead) Jewel Box Theatre
Titus Andronicus Lavinia (Lead) The Habit
Romeo and Juliet Juliet (Lead) Stage 4 Theater
Bus Stop (Best Actress BOSSie Awards) Cherie (Lead) Hillsboro Actors Repertory Theater
Much Ado About Nothing Hero Mt. Tabor Volcano Theater
Available Upon Request
Gordon Hunt’s Master Class Gordon Hunt, L.A. 
Improv / Sketch Comedy The Groundlings, L.A. (Intermediate Level, Brian Palermo)

Improvisational Study Tony Sepulveda, Liz Dean, John Breem
Emotional Preparation Virgil Frye, Sylvana Gallardo
Teleprompter Technique Verve Studios
Cold Reading / Audition Technique / On-Camera Study Mark Sikes, L.A.
Scene Study Lesly Kahn L.A., Irene Cagen, Barry Hunt
Film / Scene Study / Theatrical Workshop Intensives (Combo) Paul Warner, Gail Abbott
On-Camera Scene Study Randy Kerby, Michael Blain-Rosegay
Meisner / Monologue / Movement / Scene Study (Combo) Barry Hunt, Dave Demke, Ben D. Wright, MBR Studio
Voice, Soprano Catherine Shank, Bob Lamberson, Karen Crawford
Spokesmodel / Promotional Product Sampling
Character Performance: Ingrid Bergman, Emily Dickinson, Judy Chicago
Special Skills
Bakes Pies, Yoga, Power Walking, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Leisure Bike Riding, Tandem Skydiving, Elementary Art Teacher, Painter, Drawing, Poetry, Writing
4-H Animal Training (Championship Goat), Great with Children, Mothering Skills, Dance (excellent follower), Resourceful, Problem Solver, Brain Stormer
Accents: French, Southern (can pick up most accents by ear), Drive stick-shift.