Photo Gallery
Servin' up some Yum for the soul at the Griddle House!
Jennifer as Beth on set of The Griddle House
Jennifer & Miguel A. Nunez Jr. on location The Griddle House
Jennifer Pfalzgraff & Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Cheezin it up on location, The Griddle House movie.
Jennifer as Beth with Officer Darcy played by Marcus Terrell Smith
Paul Rodriguez & Jennifer on location, The Griddle House movie
William Bill Sanderson & Jennifer on set, The Griddle House movie
Ugly sweater party, on set The Griddle House movie, characters Beth, Harold & Grace, (Jennifer Pfalzgraff, Ron Coleman & Shannen Fields)
Jennifer and the coolest Amber Benson
Beth & Tiny on set The Griddle House movie
Kevin one of the Griddle House's loyal regulars & Jennifer
Hilton Hotels Commercial Shoot
Marilyn McIntyre from Howard Fine Studio's in LA workshop at VerveStudio
Award for Most Active Arizona Talent(s) Peoria Film Festival 2007
Jose Rosete * Jennifer Pfalzgraff * Clint James
On Set Netherbeast, Inc. with Amanda Melby, Charlotte Bell & Jennifer Pfalzgraff
Jennifer as Nurse opposite Naomi Watts in 21 Grams.
On set Netherbeast, Inc. with David Foley, Steve Burns, Jason Mewes, Amanda Melby, Dean Ronalds, Brian Ronalds, Cathy Rankin.
On set Blacksmith and the Carpenter, directed by Chris Redish. Photo: Jennifer Pfalzgraff, Wendi Wendt, Robert Picardo, Clint James, Hunter Gomez, Roderick LeDesma
On set Culver's Commercial Shoot
Verrado Community Ad Campaign